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Real Paintings by Denis van der Velde


001GiftofLivePic1    001GiftofLivePic3   001GiftofLivePic2

001 - Gift of Life

The first acryl painting made by Denis, the Gift of Life. Taken Ikea old wooden frame that was hanging in my living room and painted over it. The lines and objects in colors represent whatever you imagine and is what you see in it. Some see nothing, some just after some time. What is me inside this painting is, the sun, sex drugs rock and roll, fun, religion, love and hate, poor and rich, etc. It is named after ‘the way to life is forgiveness’ by Lee Scratch Perry. The nice thing of this painting is that everybody sees something in this painting, and it surprises me what people say about it, what they see and think. While for others it’s just lines and some object, after time and more looking, you will see ?

002FrustratedPic2                  002FrustratedPic1 

002 - Frustrated

In 2018 while experiencing some kind of burn-out, sick. I was frustrated. I immediately decided that it was a good subject for a painting. What is inside this painting is frustration and what mainly the outcome of frustrations. Though meant to see whatever you want to see in this painting for you, I put some clear findable things inside the painting to make the subject clear. Though the painting is not hard, it’s made to be funny. The colors and combinations are more soft, so it is a funny snapshot that came from frustrations.

003LifeisatripPic2                                      003LifeisatripPic1

003 - Life is a Trip

The third painting by Denis, Life is a Trip. All things aside, I parted a bit from lines and objects, in a way that it becomes even more clear and visible. Apart from the first two paintings this is one a doubted about struggled more to finish. But it represents that life is an experience, good and bad things can happen, true or false, sex and love, road and waypoints, digital or analog. Still I am the artist and painted it, I just want you to see in it what you like. As the other two first paintings, I paint with the intention that you see in it what you want. But as I said before, this painting is more clear than the first two paintings I made.


004 - Letting Go

Sometimes, you have to let go. But before that decision in life, what you have to let go can be dear and so near you, or is of just to recent history. Forgiveness and Letting Go. As Lee Perry said, The Way to Life is Forgiveness. The two back cross lines in the middle from left to right and from bottom to top, are the axis in life and in mathematical terms, XY-Axis. This creates 4 squares. The top right square is real life, x+y+. The bottom right square is your history, x+y-1. The left top square is who is watching you, the people of the world, god, it is also knowledge, x-y+. The white squares are problem and solution, daring and to be stuck. From bottom white you past or through the black square and in time you become on the upper white. The wise owl and the hourglass. The stop sign and overall lines that curve or go straight. It is never exact, things can change. Forgive yourself and forgive others, from their sins. A piece of this world is yours. Forgive and Go on. Let iT Go... Letting Go! The fan or windmill will wipe your troubles away.

005topeterspacePic1            005topeterspacePic3             005topeterspacePic3

005 - To Space

 To Space. Basically this is painting number 4, not 5. But I made this for a friend as a present. So I also made it in 2 hours and framed it with a pain wooden frame. It represents Space, the sun, earth, stars and objects that float, a human looking into the sky. Also now, past tense and the future. Or overthinking life. I also think I tried to draw a space ship, but cannot find it anymore.


006 - Freedom

Mostly you come out of the jungle, into Freedom. Some are free in beginning, some later on, some never come free. Mostly a hard road in life prevents reaching real freedom. As they have taken a long road of hope trough the forrest jungle, they finally reach the promised and presented freedom. An ability to act or change without constraint. A thing is "free" if it can change its state easily and is not constrained in its present state. In philosophy and religion, it is associated with having free will and being without undue or unjust constraints, or enslavement, and is an idea closely related to the concept of liberty. A person has the freedom to do things that will not, in theory or in practice, be prevented by other forces. Outside of the human realm, freedom generally does not have this political or psychological dimension. A rusty lock might be oiled so that the key has freedom to turn, undergrowth may be hacked away to give a newly planted sapling freedom to grow, or a mathematician may study an equation having many degrees of freedom. In mechanical engineering, freedom describes the number of independent motions that are allowed to a body or system, which is generally referred to as degrees of freedom.



007 - Zero or One

01, Be useful. From 0 to 1. Full Energy to Solid Matter. Freedom vs usefulness in fixed form. Computer in space, mathematical no resolution, yet.
Look for useful survival by finding or using energy neutrall.  Energy, otherwise solid form is converted back to energy.
0 to 1 and to 0 (dead). 0 to 1 and energy remains useful then 0 1 to 1 is evolution. And can continue to exist.
So keep trying...Evolution is useful. 0 is energy (big bang). 1 is fixed form. Zero is not One.
It is undefined. no good answer, no good definition.
Opsite infinity.


010   Embracing

010 - Embracing

hug, a form of physical intimacy. Can you see embrace, enfold, inarm, tangle, enclasp, embosom ?



012 - 3 Splashy Windows

This is the second one with a list that is not canvas, but is an existing list bough from the second hand store. Because it allready existed in 3 windows i kept that and created something more a suiting painting. And also for me a new creative style tried out. It has a black background with splashes of paint inserted in many way, from paint stripes to even smacking it on. This painting is so abstract that it really does not mean anything but '3 Splashy Windows'. 


014 - France

The first painting that is showing a part of a real or inmaginable setting, some place in France. Made in two evenings because it for for my dad and there was little time from idea to delivery. Painted in a fast way this is the first try of landscaping painting. You can maybe see some whine fields, roads, a village, a lake and the mountain and the sky. To make it more clear what it is about, the France flag is on the bottom.


015 - 50 Years

Made around my 50th Birthday. It has the pleasure and pains from 50 Years of Living the Life. Frustration combined with fun, love and war, good times and bad times. It has a stingy bee feel, but that is more because the centre is more concentrated and the 50 number says it all. You are now over 50 old! It is a milestone, a border, it can be meaningless as well as full of thought and remembrance. And a step to the rest of your life, what changes you will make in time, or are you feeling happy and keep it steady on.


016 - All of Nothing

Somehow this painting is very human. The 50 in the painting is a number that corresponds to my 50th birthday, but actually reads as 'so'. So, the rest is imaginary and abstract. I see a more human like figures in the background, maybe a group of humans discussing with each other. But as allways, you can see in it whatever you see. So this is Life, it's All of Nothing.


017 - Squared Life

Very abstract but painted by hand, the squared is actually not so squared as it seems to be. It is a comparison of rules, measurements and real life.


021 - Double or Nothing

More of an experiment, a gamble. Made by painting 2 ways. The most of it is lines, squares and rectangles. The color changes are vaque. Luck is all there is.


023 - Me Double Glassed

I think it is supposed to be me. Or who is that person or thing that i painted ? For me it is me, for you it is ? But yes, while painting i was under influence.


024 - Love Humans

Love is universal, humans are diverse. You have to love yourself before you love another, or at least know it. So you should lat least Love Humans.


025 - Straight Love Masacre

Guernica by Pablo Picasso is regarded by many art critics as one of the most moving and powerful antiwar paintings in history, it is exhibited in the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid. This is a little painting i made for my father, it is my reflection to the real painting, the audience step. Because i was suppriced how much slaughter was going on an why ? I did like the painting but the supprice was the slaughter going on in place that my father likes that painting so much. This painting is basically a reflect on the real one, with all looking the same direction and have a look that with disgust and supprice. 


031 - Fai Chaos

A virgin slate, a date, a time. There it was building up, in layers. Is it chaos ? Or is there something more sustainable afther the deed is done.  Anyway watch out for the chaos!

Paintings that only exist as digital by Denis van der Velde


D001 - Love BW

One of my first digital paintings, made in 2003. It is about love and contradictions. Opposites attract ? And again made so simple, but imaginations goes with it. Also just because i was not really into colors and worked on a big canvas with only the pen and tools available. Later on i learned how to work digital and with software. This first painting was the first one i liked and kept.


D002 - Nature

Not the second painting in digital, but second in place, made in 2003. Land water and animals, nature. Nature is iregular and has its own laws. Evolution, history and progress. Most of all it shows how beautifull nature is and we must have an eye on nature that it is kept preserved.


D003 - Ashamed

Its me ashamed, meaning wanting to hide from the world. Intrested but not into joining. Sometimes situations like that, for a longer time or just a short while. Do you like yourself ? Whatever it is, you are a part this world and 'a piece of this world is yours'. So exist, you do.


D004 - Hieroglyph of a D

Well well, basically this should look like a hieroglyph of a penis. Anything else around it, is focussing to the middle. Found before christ, maybe in some kind of african tomb. 


D006 - Square Flower

Flowers in nature have some kind of rules the way they grow, but the digital square world was a long time way behind nature. And still basically real square flower would be strange to see in real nature. The math against real nature.


D006 - Funny Pops

Funny Pops is just a few lines of colors and white lines. Though it is done as fun and has a popping effect.


D007 - Situations

Situations, absolute nothing here. Meant to look as a bunch of human drawn objects with black outlines. Situations you can resolve or not, a pathway blocked of not. What ever you see in this one.


D008 - Windmill

Called windmill because it has some remblence of it. Also there are some words and symbols to see. And maybe more.


D009 - The Glow

Sometimes the sky can look so beautifull. Moring, evening, night. Capturing imagination and light reflections.


D010 - Cabaret Show

A night of entertainment. The show, something you want to see on stage. Cabaret.


D011 - One with the Flow

More pastel like not really hard colors, the flow allways is going from a to b.


D012 - Love BW Remake

Redemption of D001, there is a copying effect. Does love repeat itself.


D013 - Yellow Pastels

Not really all is yellow, but has a lot of colors. But in pastels you almost never see yellow.


D020 - Wandering

Maybe its me or someone else, who knows ? Me, i painted it. This is an original painting, but was distroyed.

Paintings that only exist on paper by Denis van der Velde


A001 - Open the Gate

Sometimes in life you are into something new, something exiting. You can see it, but you must pass the gate first.

Most of these paintings come with a big size, 1 meter by 1 meter, or bigger. And are meant to place above couch or in a living room or bedroom, not hidden away. Somehow I like big paintings and canvasses. It was fun to create and for the viewer, it is only fun! Sometimes with a twist, but done respectful and funny.


On the site the pictures can differ from the original in colors or size. But we try to portrait as is. If you like a canvas copy send us an email. The real paintings or digital paintings are for sale. As painting or a canvas copy, not framed or framed, etc. Also digital copies can be obtained in a large digital format size, so it is clearly printable on canvas by the internet or nearby you, that saves on postal and packaging. The real paintings can be send by postal, take into account maybe extra costs for border or tax. All paintings can be framed and reproduced on canvas or printed out, as long as you send us email with your intentions. It is illegal for anyone to violate any of the rights provided by the copyright law to the copyright holder. Please before using content on this site as text and pictures, etc., notify the author Denis. Items that can be sold or resold, made money from by others is strictly forbidden. Use the contact page, also for questions and suggestions, etc. Sined Supplies Inc. Software, Website, Pictures, Media and all Content are copyrighted. Linking or distribution using for commercial use or website material or any other commercial intent, must be informed to the author. Usage for commercial purpose is initially denied until written approval of Sined Supplies Inc. and it's inherited author. Usage for personal purpose without commercial intent is initially free, although it would be of great respect to inform us of the usage. Pictures and Media on this website is reduced, if you need a better digital copy of the source material do send an email or just contact me. The term of copyright protection varies from country to country around the world, as determined by national legislation. The countries of the European Union, however, harmonized their respective terms in 1994. In the E.U. countries, the term of protection is the lifetime of the artist plus 70 years.

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